HR >> Interns $150WK, Trainees $250WK, Assts $10HR 

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QEB Foundation is hiring a dynamic individual who would like to represent a public figure in a corporate monarch. This individual will be responsible for setting the tone in our work environment by recruiting, enforcing the rules and procedure, training applicants on the doctrine, and developing the royal order of Qn. Everlena Brown.

The Atlanta unemployment rate is currently 7.2%. Higher than the national average. Higher than the state average. Unemployment equals no income. No income leads to poverty. Presented by QEB Foundation, the Entertainment Employment Expo (EX3) raises funds and awareness that create more jobs through literacy program initiatives to curb poverty.
Please call QEB 404-532-9232 for an interview 12-4PM ET if you meet the desired following:
*DESIRED MAJORS or EXPERIENCE: Human Resources, Business, Hospitality, Non-Profit, Event Planning
A. Registration: HR post current job openings on HR portals daily to recruit Applicants. HR match resumes with desired qualifications and availability before requesting interview with applicants. HR registers qualified candidates for the #EX3 Online Job Training Program. 
B: HR & PR Development: HR trains Interns on how to recruit applicants and artists, as well as guerilla PR. HR processes applications and order uniforms.
C. Fund Development: HR trains Interns on how to secure members for recurring donations.
D. Story Development: HR trains Interns on how to scoop good content related to their desired field for publishing. 
E. Product Development: HR trains Trainees on how to develop the brand using their desired field. 
F. Performance Management: HR reviews the viability of each staff member every 30 days to assess for promotion or termination.

*THE DEAL: Must have excellent verbal, written, people, and appropriate skills plus be available Monday-Friday 10-11PM  or 11PM-12AM ET. Need computer access, positive attitude; and willing to travel, bilingual or transportation is a plus.  HR is trained to train, therefore you start at $150/wk for mentoring and retaining 3-40 Applicants in uniform. Applicants donate $1 to receive training and the first $200 worth of donations they collect covers their uniform before they receive 40% comm.

About qneverlena (17 Articles)
Get to know America’s new #1 Media Mogul! A Media Personality who professionally models, designs clothes, sing & write songs, and produce television & film… Qn. Everlena Brown de Apparel Ism (QEB) started her media empire publishing a Newswire. Her brand served Ford Motor Company, Cadillac Invitational, Orlando Times, The Miami Herald, BWR, and more! A chance meeting with Akon landed her a job as Programs & Fundraising Chair for his charity, Konfidence Foundation. Having covered Robin Williams, Gloria Estefan, Chris Webber, Nas, Annalynne McCord, Montell Jordan and more…making the HOLLYWOOD OF THE SOUTH her new home was a no brainer.

1 Comment on  HR >> Interns $150WK, Trainees $250WK, Assts $10HR 

  1. Hi Qn. Everlena,

    We spoke a few months ago. I’m returning to Atlanta and I was wondering if you still needed some help. I’d love to join you.


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