What is Apparel Ism?

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Apparel Ism is a holistic discipline. When you crave oranges, the medical discipline says your body lacks Vitamin C. What about your mind? Your spirit? Our discipline says you lack a certain principle. An Orisha energy principle! The Yoruba pantheon, Orishas are a set of African energy principles (i.e. metaphysics, chakras) used to explain the forces of contraction (feminine) and expansion (masculine). If Orisha Osun is the energy of creativity, love, and the color orange, then oranges relate to creativity and love. What does it mean? Be more creative with your love life. Or now is a good time to tell someone how you really feel. But you are allergic to oranges, so what do you do? Wear it! Decorate with it! Learn how to become it with Apparel Ism! Apparel Ism was designed to help people balance their energy, to solve problems or secure desires, by making them conscious of the energy behind their intent. This awareness is brought forth by creating (i.e. Apparel Ism) or introducing (i.e. Apparelightology) them to the art, fashion, politics, diet, and décor (i.e. lifestyle) that relates to the energy. The ability to identify energy allows one to access its power. Everyone is born with a major masculine and feminine energy. If knowledge is power, we aim to prove self-knowledge is more!

 The science of clothing a body in union with its mind and spirit to increase self-knowledge.

We believe the lack of self-knowledge is the core of human suffering. Therefore, our mission lies within the continuing development of Apparel Ism. Apparel Ism fuses art, fashion, and politics (the core of society) to encourage secondary socialization and education of Afrikan culture (the core of humanity). Apparel Ism is the science of clothing a body in union with its mind and spirit to increase self-knowledge. Apparel Ism is based on seven principles: agenda, context, personality, form, line, color, and texture. It is in mastering these principles that the mind and spirit of any body, human or inanimate object can be educed. Because art sensate the spirit, fashion sensate the body, and politics sensate the mind, this simultaneous integration creates purpose. It is the sense of purpose that increases knowledge of Self. And by moving art and design with the forces of life, we can improve our quality of life. Our seven principles can be used to create and/or be applied. When used to create physical objects it is known as Apparel Ism. When applied in concept it is known as Apparelightology, the study of enlightenment through Apparel Ism.

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Often compared to chromotherapy, life-coaching or feng shui…for your wardrobe — Apparelightology (APL) is the study of enlightenment through Apparel Ism.

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