Roc Nation Throws Rihanna A Surprise A-List Birthday Party

Rihanna has a lot to celebrate these days, her single “FourFiveSeconds” is doing well to go along with the fact she just turned 27! Roc Nation took pleasure in going all out for the superstar with a surprise party to bring her 27th birthday in right. Big name celebs like Jay-Z, Beyonce , Paris Hilton and Naomi Campbell were attendance at Rihanna’s birthday festivities. Rihanna wore a shimmery gown during her birthday party which unsurprisingly looked very flattering on her. To put it all in perspective Rihanna took to Instagram to share the significance of this particular birthday:

“27 years ago, my mother gave birth to her very first child at the tender age of 27! I feel special that I was chosen by my Father in Heaven to make it here! Every day we wake up, means we get another chance at life… to be good to other people and to know that you are a part of their smile! I cherish these days, and I pray that God will spare my life to see many more! #Feb20

It’s safe Roc Nation pulled out all the stops for one of their top artist as Rihanna not only looked great, but had a great night.

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