Bobby Brown:No Means No

While Bobbi Kristina is still unresponsive, her boyfriend, Nick Gordon, believes that he is the cure to the madness. Gordon expressed that his voice is the magic touch in bringing life within the still body of Bobbi Kristina.

Various sources have reported that Gordon sent out a number of tweets and in one tweet stated, “let me in the hospital to see my girl, let her hear my voice, let me massage her, and play her favorite music and it will help”. Yet according to Bobby Brown, Gordon is not as pressed to see Bobbi K. as he tries to proclaim to the world as Brown gave Gordon terms of a possible visit that he failed to meet.

Despite the many statements and tweets released by Gordon, even his lawyers Randall M. Kessler and Joes S. Habachy, advised him to meet the terms given by Brown in the event that he was leery about granting access in the first place. Although Gordon has made many efforts to see Bobbi, despite his inability to meet the initial terms to see Bobbi, his offers have been rejected. During the troubling time for the entire Brown family, Brown is firm in his stance of denying any visits of Nick Gordon to see his ill daughter.


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