Bun B Turns Down Six Figures Worth Of Gigs To Maintain “Integrity” At Rice University

After serving as a guest speaker at Rice University in Texas, rapper Bun B became highly intrigued with the university and with what he had to offer. So intrigued to the extent of turning down a plethora of performance opportunities leaving him an assumed six figures short in the bank according to Hip Hop DX.

Almost four years now, Bun B has represented Rice University, not as an entertainer, but as the co-teacher to Dr. Anthony Pinn, teaching the course Religion Studies 331: Religion and Hip Hop. Along with teaching the course at Rice University, Bun B also offers free online classes for his Hip Hop and Religion class to non-Rice students.

Bun B released a statement expressing that “over the four years that I have worked at Rice, I’ve turned down over six figures worth of performances from the university because I want to maintain the integrity of the class and my standing on the university…The one thing that really shaped me during the course of teaching is being in a position to directly speak into the hearts and minds of young America”.

Although it is not the Bun B that we as fans are used to, this is the Bun B that he has evolved to be, and at least he is spreading light from one generation to another.


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