Volvo Vows To Have First Self-Driving Car in Customers’ Hands by 2017

With all of the new technology that has surfaced over the years, self driving vehicles have been seen as more science fiction than practical reality. This is mainly due to the limited software and rules of the road.

However, Volvo has announced an on the streets test of their self driving cars. This would be the first in the world and would put regular owners in the driver seat of  what it says are production-ready autonomous vehicles, by 2017. Volvo says its system uses 28 cameras, sensors, and lasers, along with a complex set of software rules, to take on nearly 100 percent of all driving situations.

Furthermore, safety and affordability are the two issues that are the core of whether or not this possible innovation will come to a reality. Most major automakers have said it would be at least 2020 to 2025 before fully self-driving vehicles were in production, due to legal hurdles as much as technical ones. If the company that invented the three-point seat belt can perfect self-driving cars, that traffic jam could break much sooner.

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