Court Rules: Adultery No Longer a Crime in South Korea

As of late, Korea has been real “thotful” in the courtroom. For the past 62 years, committing adultery led to time behind bars in South Korea. Even if you were not actually having sexual relations with someone outside of your marriage, if your wife/husband considered it cheating, you could experience jail time. However South Korea rules against the six decades of tradition.

Just today, South Korea’s Constitutional Court overruled the law that made adultery illegal defending their decision with the following statement, “The precondition of human dignity and right to pursue happiness is for each individual to have their rights to choose their fate. And the rights to choose their fate includes rights to be engaged in sex and choosing the partner.”

Well, I guess it is appropriate to say that no one is safe in South Korea, and that there won’t be too many wedding bells ringing in the near future.

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