Lupita Nyong’o’s $150,000 Pearl Oscars Dress Stolen!

As Lupita Nyong graced the red carpet of the Oscars, she instantly made an unforgettable fashion statement. She wore a custom Calvin Klein gown encrusted with 6,000 white Akoya pearls with an outrageous estimated price value of $150,000. As a result, Nyong’s flawless appearance landed the actress on a number of Oscars best-dressed lists.

Nyong told Yahoo that she had a personal connection with the dress as she helped with the design by giving her own personal touch. However, this personal connection with the dress soon came to an end as the pearl encrusted dress was reported stolen. Detectives have been on the investigation and released a statement confirming that the dress was indeed stolen from Nyong’s hotel room at the London, a luxury hotel in Beverly Hills.

I’m not sure how upset Nyong is about the theft surrounding her dress, but if the dress is not retrieved, I am not sure if we will ever witness anything nearly as remarkable, or expensive, as that gown.

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