Kanye on a Road to Redemption

During the Grammy Awards Beck received a Grammy for Album of the Year, beating out prestigious artists such as Sam Smith, Pharrell, and Beyoncé. As a firm backer of Beyonce, Kanye viewed Becks acceptance of Album of the Year as a notion of disrespect to Beyoncé.

Kanye briefly went on stage during the Grammys after Beck won the award, but he decided not to create the same escapade as he did with Taylor Swift. In an interview after the Grammys he later stated that he wants Beck “to respect artistry” and give the award to Beyoncé.

Yet, for unknown reasons, Kanye is experiencing a state of remorse as he publicly apologizes to Beck via Twitter : “ I would like to publicly apologize to Beck”. But the apologies don’t stop there. He continues his road to redemption after he also reaches out to his once criticized Bruno Mars: “I also want to apologize to Bruno Mars…I really respect what he does as an artist”.

There hasn’t been an immediate response from either artist, but I am sure they can be appreciative of his apologies.


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