Wacking Off Now Equals Charged Gadgets?

Pornhub is going beyond solely producing explicit pornographies for their consumers to view virtually. They are now creating battery life for cellphones, computers, iPads, etc., but how?

Pornhub has invented a wearable band used for more than just style. Known as the Wankband, it allows men to charge their gadgets by jerking off. With each stroke of the penis, a small valve within the band sends a weight up and down. The generated energy is stored from the satisfying alone time, and as a result, battery life is created, allowing you to charge your gadgets.

Although the idea has gone pretty much viral, the Wankband is still undergoing its development process. To ensure a Wackband for men, Pornhub is allowing its consumers to sign up ahead of time for a chance at the Wackband upon its release.

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