Transgender Rapper “Black Madam” Admits to Administering Butt Shots to Amber Rose and Karrueche

We often times hear from celebrities about whether they had plastic surgery or not, which is always debatable, despite the celebrities claim. However we never get to hear from the doctor, or in this case, the one responsible for the process. That is all changing now as transgender rapper from Philly, Padge Windslowe, better known as Black Madam, is on trial for the administration of illegal booty shots.

She is facing murder charges after the death of 20 year old Claudia Aderotim who died from complications with the implants. But Black Madam has doubts that her procedure caused such a fatality due to the fact that her former clients did not receive similar symptoms. Her cliental base included celebrities such Amber Rose, Karrueche, and many more that can’t be released due to privacy agreements.

She claims that Kanye West and Chris Brown both trusted her with their women and that she basically turned Amber Rose into “a walking billboard”. She was supposed to also perform on big booty Nicki Minaj, but the appointment didn’t follow through due to last minute changes.

Black Madam is under a lot of pressure right now as she faces murder charges, but do you think that she should face murder charges because of an ill-fated procedure?


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