2 Chainz Expensive Lifestyle

Well smoking can be an expensive habit, but when you have that long money like 2 Chainz, you can smoke as much as you please. According to In Flex We Trust, for the latest installment of GQ’s “Most Expensive Shit,” ATL rapper 2 Chainz gets in touch with his inner rich stoner ways and smokes a blunt covered in 24K of gold! Yup, you read correct…24K gold; while paying $800 an ounce for the bud. We’ve seen him do a lot of crazy things, but smoking something worth probably more than some people’s annual incomes might have to take the trophy.

Now its obvious that 2 Chainz isn’t the brightest or has the mind of an accountant when it comes down to proper money management, but according to 2 Chainz, he has the money to buy as well as supply anything that he needs. So to all my big ballers who smoke weed, are you spending this type of money on weed?

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