Drake is Still Breaking Records

Two weeks after the surprise release of his latest mixtape release, If You’re Reading This, It’s Too Late, Drake has broken yet another Billboard record, challenging The Beatles’ iconic takeover of the Billboard 100 chart over 50 years ago.

Before Drake no other artist in any genre has had 14 songs simultaneously charting on the Billboard Hot 100, according to Billboard since the legendary rock band. Although out of the 14 songs Drake is actually featured on 4, while The Beatles managed all 14 as lead artists in ’64. Also when The Beatles made the record, they had multiple songs in the top 10, & Drakes highest song has peaked at #16.

This latest news comes only a few days after finding out Drake is the first artist to have 21 songs on the chart concurrently, an accomplishment he achieved through the 17 songs on his latest mixtape.

In 2013 Drake almost tied The Beatles’ Hot 100 record with 12 songs appearing at the exact same time on the Hot 100 chart,  coming from his last album Nothing Was The Same.


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