Critics label Kevin Hart’s “Get Hard” homophobic

Kevin Hart and Will Farwell are receiving backlash from a particular scene in their new movie “Get Hard” set for mass release in the United States on March 27th. The scene in question is of Will Farwell making a gesture that some view as homophobic. The two stars were asked about the scene by Louis Virtel during an interview with HitFix. Virtel asks, “You are both very smart and funny people. During the scene in the movie where you kind of do a mockingly effeminate voice [to Hart] and you gag at a dick as though it’s the worst thing that can happen to a straight guy [to Ferrell], in a gay situation, did you think: this is mildly mean spirited or at the very least, a little bit dated?” Before answering the question Farwell’s demeanor seems to change rapidly to a sad position which has people questioning if he is truly okay with the outcome of the movie. Is this scene truly offensive? I guess its up to the viewer to decide. Let us know what you thought of the movie by commenting below.

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