Roc Nation Is Set To Launch A Sports Talk Show Hosted By Skylar Diggins

Source: Inflexwetrust

Jay-Z has no boundaries when it comes to what source of entertainment to take over. Jay-Z’s sports company Roc nation is now looking at starting a sports talk show, “40/40 live,” is set to be hosted by the beautiful and talented WNBA star, Skylar Diggins.

While roc nation looks to take over the sports world, just as tidal looks to take over the music streaming world, Jay-Z is making bank out of all of this.

The 40/40 club is also set to get some additional spotlight, too, as the show begins production.

“JAY Z’s The 40/40 Club in Manhattan is the setting for this exciting new talk show,” reports. “Produced in collaboration with JAY Z’s Life + Times and hosted by WNBA point guard Skylar Diggins, 40/40 Live blends the worlds of hip hop and sports celebrity to provide a fresh and unfiltered conversation around sports, fame, music and more.”

The show is also said to feature many celebrity guest. I know i can’t wait to check out the beautiful Skylar Diggins, in a new setting, off the court.

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