Mariah Carey Gets Naughty at Chippendales Performances, Receives Lap Dance and Spanks Tyson Beckford!

Mariah Carey kicked off her Las Vegas residency “Mariah: #1 to Infinity” at Caesars Palace on Wednesday, and after weeks of hard work preparing for the show, the 45-year-old diva was ready to let loose following her debut.

So, where did she go? Oh, just to watch pal Tyson Beckford in a Chippendales performance( if you’re unfamiliar with the male dance troupe, they’re most famous for their male striptease shows)!

“She came to see the new celebrity guest host, supermodel Tyson Beckford,” a source tells E! News of Mimi’s night on the town. “She was brought on stage to be Tyson’s queen during the Empire number and she loved it.”

The insider adds: “She and her group had an amazing time and she gave Tyson a little spanking during the number when he was giving her a lap dance. She really wanted a great girls’ night out with her after her opening.” mariah-carey-chippendales-tyson-beckford

Carey, who was scantily-clad in a corset-style top that showed off her cleavage, posted a pic from the fun-filled night in which she’s sitting on a regal throne on stage as shirtless men surround her.

“Again, I’ve no idea how I got here!! @chippendales,” the powerhouse singerwrote.

Beckford, who is currently promoting his new male striptease film Chocolate Citywith a Chippendales residency through May 24, also posted a pic with Mariah, thanking her for supporting the show. “My good friend @mariahcarey for coming to support me @chippendales @rio #vegas #beckfordbar,” he captioned the image.

The mother of two’s wild night comes shortly after her debut concert, which received incredibly mixed reviews by critics (the New York Times wrote “the struggle was real” when it came to Carey hitting the high notes), however, one female concertgoer, who is a long-time fan of Mariah, said she enjoyed the show and called it “a fan’s concert.”

“I had a really great time…,” the fan tells E! News. “I agree with the New York Timesin that her voice was huskier, but I think their review was too harsh.”


“Mariah herself was very game, she was upbeat and chatty with the audience, the source continues, adding, “On the one hand, I think people are being too quick to judge. Give it a few weeks. Then again, when you spend that kind of money on a show, you expect it to be perfect.”

As for whether she would go see the concert again?

“I would definitely go back again in a few months. If the kinks are worked out, it could be even better.”

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