Back to the Basics – RECAP Day 2

As Day 2 of the conference swelled with attendance, various forms talent were showcased to break up the panels and workshops throughout the day.


Panels ranged in interests and genres to cater to different aspects of the industry attendees were interested in. Producers, to writers, to engineers, to moguls, to artists seemed to have the same message for folks interested in getting into the music business – work hard to build yourself.

IMG_1686In this era of digital music where streaming is all the rave, Leo Rodgers – Senior Vice President of Bungalo Records shared that the industry is evolving. Causing record labels to downsize and in turn focus more on artists who come “packaged” with a strong following on social media and image already instead of having to create teams to construct an artist.

Industry insiders had other tips on how to hustle to get into the business, such as networking and reaching out to the music and media managers of popular TV shows and even pushing singles to streaming websites such as Pandora, Slacker, IHeartRadio, and Tidal as payments from these avenues outdo what record labels will cut artists, subsequently cutting out the middle man and leg work.

Overall, the day was one of empowerment for up and coming eager creators of music. With so much valuable information coming from seasoned and wise individuals from all facets of the industry, it’s hard to see how the day could be topped with Day 3 of conference around the corner.

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