Star-Studded Affair: Back to the Basics 2 – Music & Media Conference

(pictured: Tina Campbell of the gospel duo Mary-Mary being presented an award by the Urban Network Digital Conference)

Campbell, alongside other industry giants made appearances at the conference and gave hope to rising talented acts to where their dreams could land them.

Campbell, revealed that “Mary Mary” the WE tv reality show would be renewed for an upcoming 4th season!


Also in the house was recording artist Adina Howard, who shut the house down with her performance on Day 3 of the Conference. The crowd loved her charisma and classic, soulful, soothing style as she took as all down memory lane with her selection.

_MG_7625 _MG_7612

Coming out in support of BrAyve was the talented and lovely YouTube duo sister’s VanJess! EXCLUSIVE, the lovely ladies let us know that they have some very big things in store for this year with an album on the horizon. The ladies received buzz after appearing on Linda Perry’s Make It or Break it Project on Vh1. Allowing them to expand their already flourishing fan base they had garnered through talented YouTube covers and original music for quite some time.


International Gospel Recording artist – Anthony Faulkner was a panelist who shared his ascension into the industry during Day 1 of the Conference. Pictured on the left with reporter Calvin Brown and Gospel Trio V3.

_MG_7452 _MG_7416

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