A Women’s World with Carmen Cummings on ABC (1998)

Excited about incorporating my first business, I rushed to all my FSU college professors for support. Mr. McLaughlin was the first to show support. He not only bought a share of stock, but called a local reporter Carmen Cummings. She gave me my second television appearance on her segment called “A Woman’s World”. Aside from Tran Bui, she was third African-American Woman to inspire my career in Journalism. Oprah being the first. And Denise White coming in second. My 2nd grade teacher, Mrs. Lynch (an elderly white woman), had me tested for the Gifted Program. I entered the Gifted Program at Sunset Elementary where I was the only black child in the class. My only friend was a Chinese girl named Elizabeth Quinn. Elizabeth looked out for me. Later that year, Mrs. Lynch took me to see Denise White at WSVN Channel 7. As you can see, my African and Asian pride comes from having good role models

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