Street Fighter 5 Character Roster Adds Ken Masters

Capcom has announced Ken Masters will join its growing cast of fighters for Street Fighter V.

Ken was debuted at the panel during San Diego Comic-Con and is described as using an “aggressive, in-your-face fighting style.” According to Capcom he’ll also have “big damage [and] flashy combos.”

Fans of the series will notice Ken has been given a big redesign and now sports longer hair pulled back in a ponytail, much like his younger, Alpha period incarnation.

Although the slide shown at the panel describes him as a “Shoto,” it looks like he will play very differently from his previous versions.

It is likely that Capcom will release official images and a trailer for the Street Fighter V version of Ken very soon

Capcom has said in the past it is aiming to make every character feel unique, the decision to make Ken play uniquely would be in line with this goal.

A brief trailer for Ken was shown during the panel. In the video below you can see the new-look Ken showing off some of his iconic fire-imbued kicks. Towards the end of the trailer there are flashes of another face, teasing another character reveal. Current speculation is that it could be either Akuma or a brand new character. The latter seems more likely.


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