Kendrick Lamar To Be First Musical Guest On “The Late Show With Stephen Colbert”

It looks like Kendrick Lamar will be opening up Stephen Colbert’s first episode on CBS.

If you remember, Kendrick Lamar helped Stephen Colbert end his run on Comedy Central when he performed (and debuted) the never-before-heard track “Untitled” to close out “The Colbert Report.” Doing it all over again, Colbert just revealed that he’s tapped Kendrick once again to help him kick start his run on CBS when he takes over for Letterman’s spot come this Fall.

Announced during his speech for the Television Critics Association, Colbert said that it was only appropriate to have Kendrick be his first guest appearance since he had closed out “The Colbert Report.”

No word yet as for what Kendrick will play, but we’ll be able to find out when the episode airs on September 8. Last week, Colbert announced that his first Late Show guest will be George Clooney.

While we wait for the performance, relive Kendrick’s last time on Colbert by checking out his performance of “Untitled” below.

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