Extrav 15: Emilio Cavallini Helps Strike Out Autism

“Autism is a great cause. We had no problem flying in pieces from Italy to accommodate the event,” said Lisa Cavallini, spokesperson for Emilio Cavallini.

emilio cavallini


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This Labor Day Weekend — Designer Emilio Cavallini helps strike out Autism
with #EXTRAV15, the Celebrity Bowling Party of the Year!

Atlanta, GA [July 20, 2015] – Designer Emilio Cavallini will not be showing in New York at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week. However, fans can catch a few select pieces from the new season of the famous hosiery at Extravaganza 2015 (#Extrav15), a Celebrity Bowling Party benefitting Autism on September 5 at I Luv Bowling in Duluth, GA. An evening of fashion, music, and awareness, Extrav 15 honors the Autism Society of Georgia, Atlanta Autism Consortium, and Gwinnett Autism Spectrum for their commitment to service. College scholarships and small business grants will also be awarded that Saturday night.

“Autism is a great cause. We had no problem flying in pieces from Italy to accommodate the event,” said Lisa Cavallini, spokesperson for Emilio Cavallini. “What Emilio does for women’s fashion, is what non-profits do for the people everyday. His attention to detail and ability to turn common resources into creative solutions, are skills found at the base of most non-profits. Anything we can do to enhance their operations is our pleasure.”

Emilio Cavallini Hosiery

#Extrav15 is the brainchild of ET Promotions in association with QEB Foundation and the Trufant Family Foundation. A recommendation of Qn. Everlena Brown, president of QEB Foundation, Emilio Cavallini rose to popularity after Madonna featured designs in her half-time show for Superbowl 2012. Kim, Khloe, and Kourtney Kardashian have also done their part in trending the distinct hosiery in recent celebrity sightings.

Trufant Family Foundation

“I know someone with Autism; I see the things they go through, and I know there’s more that can be done to help these kids,” said Co-founder of ET Promotions Tamysha Tyson. “By making this a celebrity event, we’re able to get people like Emilio Cavallini, Qn. Everlena Brown, and Desmond Trufant to attract a larger crowd. More people will learn what Autism is about and what we can do to take care of it.”

Hosted by Jimmy Papillon and Ferrari Simmons, Emilio Cavallini headlines the four-hour showcase of fashion. This area of the program starts with a designer fashion competition with a $1000 grand prize up for grabs. Contestants submit one of their best designs for $50 and donate $30 per additional design. The program wraps with a presentation of collections by local designers and boutiques.

“I’m a radio personality, but have ventured into fashion recently. I can touch the people with fashion in a way I can’t do on the mic…. and vice versa. Being a part of this event allows me to do both to impact the community” said Ferrari Simmons.

Tickets are on sale via starting at $30, and there are opportunities for sponsors, performers, and co-hosting. #Extrav15 will be the most talked about event this Labor Day Weekend!

About ET Promotions:

ET Promotions was created to bridge a husband’s passion for photography with his wife’s passion for all things chic and fashionable. ET Promotions is the company you call on for events, models, stylists, and photography. No matter what you need, ET Promotions is making things happen.

About QEB Foundation:

QEB Foundation is a 501 (c) (3) non-profit organization to promote literacy in education, finance, and technology. We integrate fundraising and charitable giving into a revenue-generating programs to support the community. We host events and partner with special promos to raise funds. Our ultimate goal is to launch the biggest ENTERTAINMENT EMPLOYMENT EXPO to attract donors to build an online K-12 and credit union.

About Trufant Family Foundation:

Our purpose for the Trufant Family Foundation is to host programs and fundraising events that provide ways for corporations and individuals to get involved and donate to causes that make a positive impact in the lives of children; thereby, helping them to succeed and making our community a better place to live in.


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