2 CHAINZ Surprise Family of 11 With New House

We saw a lot of pop culture-inspired sweaters during the recent holiday season, but one of the best was the “Dabbin Santa” one. It’s exactly what it sounds like: a screen-printed cartoon Santa Claus does the dab in front of that traditional snowflake pattern you’ve seen on many a sweater before.

What you might not have realized, though, is that the “Dabbin Santa” sweater was the brainchild of 2 Chainz, who made a whopping $2 million off the hilarious holiday gear. And in a generous move that proves the holiday spirit ought to fuel your attitude all year ‘round, the Atlanta rapper is using the money to give back to his community.

Through his TRU Foundation, 2 Chainz donated a new 5-bedroom, 3-bathroom home to a family of 11 who were facing eviction. They were living in a two-bedroom home that had no heat and was infested with rats, roaches and mold. 2 Chainz found out about their plight through a fundraising website set up by Atlanta’s Progression Church, and the rest is wish-granting history.

In a feel-good video uploaded on Tuesday (Jan. 19), 2 Chainz welcomes the family — which includes 9 children and two sets of twins — to their new digs, where they’ll live bill-free for a year while getting back on their feet.

“I’m looking forward to seeing their smiles,” 2 Chainz says. “I’m looking forward to the kids growing up knowing that Uncle 2 Chainz came through. […] All you gotta do is pray. Keep praying. You gotta have faith. You gotta believe.”

This isn’t the first charitable donation made possible by the “Dabbin Santa” sweater profits — 2 Chainz previously helped a disabled veteran pay her rent and bought a mini van for a family with a disabled child.

That’s a good look!

(Source Cowan: Black Media Scoop)

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