Former Employee Sues Dr. Phil for False Imprisonment; Claims He Forced Her to Quit Over “Intolerable Workplace” Conditions

How the tables have turned.

Now it’s Dr. Phil McGraw who needs a bit of help. An ex-employee is suing The Dr. Phil Show host, his production company and CBS for forcing her to quit as a result of the “intolerable workplace” and hostile work environment.

In the court documents obtained by E! News, Leah Rothman claims she was called in on her day off, March 11, 2015, only to have Dr. Phil lock 300 employees in a room with no way out so he could confront them about a media leak. She further claims Dr. Phil had security guards man each of the exits so that no one could leave the premises, forcing them to endure a “verbal assault.” He also had everyone turn off their phones to make sure they couldn’t communicate with anyone outside.

The host allegedly told the cramped crowd, “If you f–k with me, I’ll f–k with you.”

Rothman claims Dr. Phil’s meeting was staged, as he held cue cards and referred to them throughout the meeting, alleging that it wasn’t a “fact-finding” mission as it was made out to be.

Afterwards Rothman reached out to human resources, and one representative promised she wouldn’t “get fired just for coming to talk.” The human resources department employee, Cassie Thomas, allegedly sympathized with Rothman’s complaint, but didn’t do anything about it. Rothman attempted to make contact with Thomas again to follow up about their initial meetings, but Thomas allegedly made it “very difficult” to meet with her.

Ultimately, Rothman decided to quit. Rothman claims “malicious acts” by Dr. Phil and the subsequent fall out caused her to suffer “great mental and emotional distress.”

A spokesperson for The Dr. Phil Show declined to comment.

A segment director, Rothman is suing for false imprisonment, emotional distress, whistle blower retaliation and wrongful constructive termination. She is seeking compensatory and punitive damages.

(Source Cowan: Entertainment News)

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