Carlton Banks Is Keeping It Real

carlton not 9'5

If you thought normal families were the only ones who were dysfunctional, just look at the fictional Banks family!

By now, we all know about the bitter, decade-long dispute between Will Smith and Janet Huber and their debate over the Oscar boycott. But Alfonso Ribeiro decided to step in and give his two cents on the matter:

“I think the Oscars are the least of our problems,” he told TMZ. “We have to understand how to stay together while making our point without destroying other people’s perspective of it and killing their point of view.”

He also went on to say this: “The award for what you do in this industry is having people watch what you do.”

So in other words, we think that Carlton may be trying to play peacemaker. He’s telling Will to shake it off and keep pushing; just because one group didn’t see his talents, that doesn’t mean another group won’t.

And he could possibly be telling Aunt Viv to get out her feelings. She went about expressing her opinion the wrong way.

What do you think…is Carlton choosing sides, or is he simply trying to be the neutral party in this situation?

(Source Cowan: Black Media Scoop)

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