Kim K & Kanye West’s Relationship Is About To Be ‘Heartless’

A sizeable portion of the population has long had it up to here with Kanye West and his ridiculous, ego-driven antics, and now it seems as though his wife Kim Kardashian may be joining them.

Last week, after Kanye’s insane rant against Wiz Khalifa and their ex-in-common Amber Rose, a humiliated Kim reportedly threw her husband out of the house in a fit of rage.

But do you think that would stop Kanye from being Kanye? Oh, no.

Yesterday, we reported that Kanye is now stirring the pot with Wendy Williams, who slammed the rapper for his Twitter yakking and dubbed the couple’s marriage a sham that was based solely on image.

A PO’d Kanye then went to the studio and recorded a remake of Aerosmith’s “Dude (Looks Like a Lady),” calling the talk show host “a dude in a wig,” and taking a cheap shot at her appearance.

Apparently, Kim was none too happy with the diss.

“Kim thinks that Kanye was completely out of line by bashing Wendy,” a source toldRadar Online. “It really pissed Kim off because she is a friend of Wendy’s and thinks she’s great.”

Now, this part surprised us a bit, because Wendy called out Kim pretty hard during herrant on her talk show, alluding to the reality star’s sex tape and image-obsessed nature.

When you’re taking Wendy Williams’ side over your husband’s, it could be a sign of trouble a-brewing beneath the selfies.

Perhaps the honeymoon is super over and Kim is now seeing Kanye the way the rest of the world does: as the world’s most monumental jackass.

(Source Cowan: The Hollywood Gossip)

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