To Infinity…And Beyond!

Virgin Galactic unveiled its newly completed SpaceShipTwo, which Professor Stephen Hawking has rechristened VSS Unity (Virgin Space-Ship Unity). The VSS Unity has room for two pilots and six passengers, and Virgin Galactic has already reserved more than 700 seats for eventual flights to the final frontier, aka the next tourist destination.

Virgin chose “Sea of Voices” by Porter Robinson for its VSS Unity unveiling videos. The 24-year-old Robinson was still floating in the clouds when The Orb’s “Little Fluffy Clouds” came out, but his “Sea of Voices” perfectly captures the kind of ascendent possibility that the achievement of space tourism brings to mind.

Virgin Galactic founder Sir Richard Branson’s buddy and music technologist Ray Kurzweil often points out that the human being is Earth’s one animal that constantly transcends its limitations. So the human drive to the most inhospitable environment of outer space encapsulates that trait to the extreme. What better music then to accompany space travel than electronic music, the style that always embraces the next round of limitation-transcending technology? Here’s to the sky not being the limit, but only the beginning.

(Source Cowan: Electronic Musician)

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