Iyanla, Fix Kanye’s Life!


Iyanla Vanzant is ready to have a Fix My Life moment with Kanye.

The rapper’s ongoing Twitter rants and meltdowns have the inspirational speaker concerned, and while she doesn’t have any advice for ‘Ye, she did reveal to Hip Hollywood that “she prays for him and believes his condition is more serious” than people realize.

“I see something there that represents an imbalance,” Vanzant revealed. “We’ve seen this before, we watched it with Whitney, we watched it with Michael (Jackson), we watched it with Phyllis Hyman. We watch this over and over and we turn our face (thinking) OK, somebody will deal with it. No, we need to deal with it. But, we can’t deal with it unless he’s willing.”

Kanye’s bizarre outbursts and obnoxious behavior caused songwriter Rhymefest to take to social media and advise Kanye to seek mental health treatment, ASAP! Earlier this month, Kanye’s former co-writer expressed his deep concern for Kanye’s sanity, and said the ego-driven madman should to go counseling.

Rhymefest has worked with Kanye extensively over the years, co-writing many of the rapper’s his, such as “Jesus Walks” and “New Slaves.” Their partnership ended in January 2016.

Kanye’s recent music effort The Life of Pablo didn’t break the music charts, so he’s already announced the title of his next project, Turbo Grafx 16. TLOP went through numerous name changes – Swish, Waves, and So Help Me God – before he settled on the final title. It’s likely Turbo Grafx 16 is simply a working title.

(Source Cowan: Black Media Scoop)

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