Madonna Tried It!!

Madonna was ridiculously late for her concert in Brisbane, Australia Wednesday night … so a bunch of fans were left stranded because they missed the last train of the night.

The show was set for 9 PM, but Madonna didn’t take the stage until 11:22 PM. She’s been habitually late and made a variety of excuses, but this one was bad. Fans booed her, demanded and got refunds, and Live Nation is throwing its hands up in the air, warning people her shows may be starting late.

She was flip about her tardiness, telling the crowd, “It’s you people that get here early, that’s the problem. Stay home, do your hair and makeup, have a tequila. Roll yourself a fat one.

The concert itself was shaky. Check out the video as Madonna stumbles around onstage as she sings, “Like a Virgin.”

Sources close to Madonna tell us everything she does onstage is meticulously choreographed and rehearsed repeatedly — any appearance of stumbling is all part of her act.

(Source Cowan: TMZ)

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