The New iPhone SE!


(BlackMediaScoop) Apple confirmed a badly kept secret of the tech world on Monday: It’s rolling out a 4-inch phone called the iPhone SE.

Price: The $399 price for the 16GB version is the company’s lowest ever for a new phone. The 64GB version will cost another $100. Orders start Thursday, and it will ship next week. “It looks like the iPhone 5S, Apple’s last 4-inch phone released in 2014, but has the same processor and graphics performance as the iPhone 6S,” notes CNN.

Other highlights of Apple’s rollout…

Smaller iPad Pro: Apple unveiled a 9.7-inch version of the iPad Pro, with pre-orders starting on March 24.

A 32GB model will be $599, with 128GB and 256GB models available for $749 and $899. The new Pro is a smaller version of the 12.9-inch Pro, notes the LA Times, though Gizmodo doesn’t think the model is “very new or improved.”

Cheaper watch: The price of the Apple Watch is dropping from $349 to $299; the company is introducing a new nylon wristband and more color choices for the bands, reports AP.

Quick assessment: “The iPhone reboot makes more immediate sense: Apple is just expanding the lineup of an already popular device,” writes Farhad Manjoo at the New York Times. “The iPad is a trickier thing. With the new Pro devices, Apple is essentially trying to figure out what the iPad is for. It’s an open question whether it succeeds.”

Do you want the smaller iPhone?


(Source Cowan: Black Media Scoop)

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