Fans Drag Adreinne Bailon On New Relationship Circumstances


Adreinne Bailon has been catching all kinds of hell for being a homewrecking ho since pics surfaced of her on a romantic getaway with gospel singer Israel Houghton late yesterday evening.

This fishiness comes from the fact that Israel just announced his split from his wife of over 20 years, Meleasa Houghton, on February 22. Fast forward to March 22, and here he is with a new young piece splashing around and snapping selfies on Mexican beaches:

Adrienne already denied being a saucy sidepiece to the Christian crooner:

And now, Israel has hopped into the mix to let everyone know that even though he has obviously been friends with Adrienne for years, she had nothing to do with breaking up his marriage:

They both seem really interested in deflecting from their messiness by dragging the tragedy in Brussels into this, huh?

Either way, out-of-the-country trips are something that typically take place a little deeper into the relationship than dating for a week or two, right? Unless these two are moving at light speed, it seems like they’re pretty settled in to seeing each other. Or maybe that’s why he decided to include a breakdown of the timeline of his crumbling marriage and “friendship” with Adrienne…?

Well, whether Israel and Adrienne started smashing before his marriage ended or not…we’re almost POSITIVE he’s had his eye on her for quite some time.


Source Cowan: Bossip



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