#Katt Williams You Need To Cut It!!

Katt Willimas threw a punch at a kid, but when you watch the video it’s clear the kid ends up kicking Katt’s ass.

Katt throws the first punch but the victim — who’s reportedly in 7th grade — takes matters into his own hands and puts Katt in a rear naked choke.

Katt was in the Atlanta projects, handing out cash … it’s unclear how things went south.

Katt has been arrested several times over the last month for this kind of behavior.

Law enforcement sources say the police have reviewed the video and have launched a criminal investigation with Katt as the target. Katt, who is also on bail for multiple assault charges, is currently out on bail but one of the conditions is that he keeps his nose clean. The police are also reviewing the bail order to determine if he violated and whether bail should be revoked.

But check out the full video…it seems these kids were harassing lil Katt…before he sucker punched that kid…it gets real interesting around the 2:45 mark…

Here’s the video of Katt Williams brawling with a child… ( )

What do you think about this hot mess?!


Source Cowan: Black Media Scoop




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