Nicki Minaj ‘Camp’ The Culprits behind the Leaked Video Of Nick Young Cheating Confession!

One of the biggest stories of the week broke earlier this week when it was revealed that the Los Angeles Lakers locker room basically hates the fact that D’Angelo Russell exists.

We toldya all of this stems from a video that Russell took of teammate Nick Young talking about cheating on quasi-rapper Iggy Azalea. This has created a giant sh-tstorm in L.A. and might lead to the eventual exit of the young star.


That’s about as leading as some of Russell’s questions were to Young in the leaked video, but this has all of a sudden become about so much more than just Russell.

According to ESPN 97.5 Houston, the smoking gun in this whole video leak mystery is being held by someone in Nicki Minaj’s camp.

Everyone got the story wrong. Last week, Iggy took a couple shots at Nicki Minaj on Bravo TV by basically saying that Nicki didn’t write her own raps. The next day Russell had the video on his Snapchat. Someone in Nicki Minaj’s camp recorded it and sent it in. They said put this out cause Iggy want to talk mess about Nicki, put this out and let Iggy know what her fiancé is doing.

Now it’s not at all confirmed that Nicki’s camp released the video — but it makes way too much sense for her not to have anything to do with this.

The Nicki-Iggy beef is real and the bad blood is so deep that generations of future Nicki’s and Iggy’s will be going full Hatfield and McCoy on one another.

We don’t know for sure if this is true — but Iggy might want to duck if it is. We all saw Drake just eviscerate Meek Mill this past year, and Nicki might get retribution by going after Iggy, thus showing that at least one of the two (Nicki and Meek) can win a beef battle.

What do you think…is Nicki behind all this?

Source Cowan: Black Media Scoop

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