Tyga Is Allegedly Trying To Destroy Blac Chyna’s Life!

Even though Tyga tweeted that all he wants is for Blac Chyna to be happy, a new report claims that he’s trying to ruin her life now that she’s engaged to Rob Kardashian!

Nothing is what it seems! Tyga seemed like his main concern was his son, King Cairo, 3, when he tweeted that all he wanted was for people to back off his son and just leave his family alone because everyone deserves to be happy. But a shocking report claims that he’s badmouthing and trying to get custody of King just to spite her!

Tyga has reportedly filed legal documents to get primary custody of King, according to TMZ. It turns out Tyga won’t speak to Chyna unless it’s via email and they mainly communicate through their nanny. He is allegedly calling her horrible names and getting his friends to as well. Things like, “drunk whore,” “deadbeat mama” and “nasty bitch.” All in an effort to create a smear campaign to drive her to the point where she leaves Rob alone. But is this fair? It seems like she really cares about Rob. To hear more about Rob and Blac, head over to iTunes and download the latest HollywoodLife podcast for free!


We told you that Tyga went off on a Twitter rant April 6, while he was on vacation with the Kardashians in Vail, CO., and he seemed like he was accepting of Blac and Rob. Just check out the tweets below!

It’s really a shame if this engagement is causing an even bigger rift because the main person affected by this will be their son. This should be a happy time for Blac and Rob and it seems like everything is so intense and such unhappiness is surrounding this union. Do you think everyone should just back off the couple and leave them alone? It definitely seems like that’s what should happen.

Source Cowan: Hollywood Life


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