“Time Alone”: Jay-Z Allegedly Leaves Home He Shares With Beyoncé And Blue-Ivy

Another day another rumor about Jay Z and Beyoncé struggling with their matrimony-dom. The latest talk involved Hov moving out, although it sounds temporary for the time being!

According to RadarOnline reports: has exclusively learned that – as the 34-year-old “Single Ladies” superstar prepares for her world tour – her rapper husband has left their shared home for some time alone.

According to an insider, “Jay Z recently told his entire staff that he will not be needing them for another month!”

“He said that he has to take care of business and has a lot of traveling to do,” the source continued.

“As Beyonce prepares for her upcoming tour, Jay Z said that he is going to use the time to take care of his own business.”

Indeed, Jay Z has been spotted out and about in NYC several times since late last month, while Beyonce has been holed up in hush-hush tour rehearsals at GMT Studios in Culver City, Calif.

Poor babies — leading separate lives. But anybody who has ever been in a relationship involving two very successful people knows that struggle!

We’re not sure we’re buying this since the angle seems to be that Hov is feeling left out as Bey continues making boss moves.

As Radar previously reported, the 46-year-old rap mogul – who is also father to Queen B’s four-year-old daughter, Blue Ivy – has taken a back seat to his wife’s career in recent months.

Recent weeks have seen several big announcements about Beyonce’s new fashion line, Ivy Park, and growing Record Label, Parkwood Entertainment, while Jay Z’s career has been more quiet!

“Jay Z has been sweating the fact that his wife is trying to start her own empire right now and he is going into overdrive with making sure that it does not trump his own,” a source previously told Radar.

Whether this stuff is true or false we are pretty sure when the time is right the Carters will get things back on track like they always do. Camel just better not use this moment of weakness as a time to cheat…

Source Cowan: Bossip

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