6 High-Tech At Home Skin Gadgets 

We live in an age of innovation, where palm-size computers and intelligent gadgets continue to change our daily lives in ways large and small—from our morning commute to our nightly sleep. Of course, that extends to our beauty routines, too, as a wave of clever new high-tech tools transforms our hair and makeup—no trip to the dermatologist’s office required. Here, six devices that prove the future of beauty is now.


This handheld nano-current device, when linked to your iPhone or iPad, delivers one of four electrical facials geared toward anti-aging, sensitivity, acne, or treating the delicate eye area. When paired with a conductive gel and swept across your face once a day, the promised results include firmer and brighter skin after four to five sessions.

ZIIP Beauty Full ZIIP Beauty Kit, $495, Buy it now



The micro-needling roller head, which uses safe, stainless steel micro-tips, promises to trigger collagen production, tighten skin, and decrease fine lines by creating microscopic injuries that the body then repairs. An added LED red light boosts the skin’s absorption powers and improves texture, as well.

Beauty Bioscience GloPro Beauty Facial Tool, $199, Buy it now



This fully customizable facial wand, launching in July, has three LED chromotherapy lights for easy 10-minute dermatological treatments: Try red to repair, yellow to add glow, and blue to soothe oily or sensitive skin. Low-frequency therapy stimulation helps sculpt and lift the face, while stimulating circulation.

Skin Inc Optimizer Voyage Tri-Light, $265, Available at Sephoraand from July 2016


New York acupuncturist Shellie Goldstein’s facial acupressure kit promises a nonsurgical facelift, thanks to a magnetized steel wand that, when placed on specific pressure points on your face, smooths and tones skin, wherever you are.

Touch + Glow Facial Acupressure Kit, from $98, Buy it now



This glossy, palm-size disc from South Korea functions much like a dermatologist you can slip in your pocket. Connected to a mobile app by Bluetooth, the device is embedded with sensors that provide readings of everything from moisture levels and UV rays to the air temperature and humidity levels, providing near-constant readings of your skin’s state and tips on how to care for it best.

Way, $129, Buy it now


A 3-D printer for makeup, this uses a digital pen to craft custom color cosmetics. Simply upload a photo to the Mink Makeup app, pull a specific shade from the image to find the CMY color values, then use that information to program the pen and add ink to a matte or shimmer powder, which is then mixed with mediums to make lipsticks or cheek stains.

Mink Makeup Pen Starter Kit, $295, for information:

Source Cowan: Vogue







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