WhoNow: This App Gives You Relationship Advice 

Are you ready for some relationship real talk?

We are crushing on a new app. And before you say  “geez, not another one,” let us introduce you first. WhoNow is like a digital scrapbook for dating. Do we have your attention yet? Yeah, thought so.

The invite only app allows you to organize who you’re dating (based on things like how you met and what you like about them), share your dating tales and then ask close friends and family for real time advice and feedback on your relationship. Your

“Dating is very hard nowadays and people are dating for different reasons,” says Cohen in an offical press release. “By asking for feedback and advice on your dating life, not only on the person you’re dating, but on what you’re doing, you can have more successful relationships.”

Now if you’re anything like me, you don’t want anyone in your business giving their two cents, but the silver lining is that advice can be given anonymously, which means less drama and more honesty.

You can download the app for Android or Apple devices and you don’t need all your friends to join right away to start getting a little help in the love department. If you hang out inside WhoNow’s “Anonymous Hotline” community, you’ll find strangers ready and waiting to call it like they see it on your next dating confession. Think: “I just stalked my ex’s Instagram for like an hour.”

Now you will really feel like you are with your people. Are you ready for some relationship real talk?

Source Cowan: Essence Magazine

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