A Dream Is A Wish Netflix Grants!

Everybody loves Netflix. It’s the company who brought us the funniest group of prison inmates yet. They gave the world the Full House reunion we’ve been waiting decades for. It allows us to watch Kyle Chandler literally whenever we please. What could go wrong?

Except that, lest we forget, before all those awesome original series the streaming service was kind of just a collection of B-movies and the occasional classic sitcom. Its movie selection has always been pretty lacking—sure, every month in the new additions they give us a goodie like a recent Oscar winner or new release, but those flicks rarely stick around for the long haul. And in between these rare gems we’re forced to choose between watching, say, Kindergarten Cop 2or Christian Mingle The Movie. (And yes, those are real options.)

But now, it seems that Netflix has finally gotten wise to this deficit. They’re not doing a total overhaul of movie content, but they are pushing a pretty big improvement come fall.

Starting this September, Netflix will be the exclusive home of every single Disney movie (for paid subscriptions, that is). Yes, you read that right, every single Disney movie. That means all of Marvel, all of Pixar, all of Lucasfilm. And of course, all of our favorite traditional Disney characters we love so much. This is going to be the first time that this library of movies is going to a non-cable entity, so it’s a pretty big deal for the industry in addition to being a big deal for the fans.
The announcement was oh-so-sneakily added into Netflix’s announcement of its summer lineup, and it initially caused a bit of concern. That’s because as of today, June 1, some very important ’90s Disney flicks were removed from the site, including Hercules, Mulanand Hunchback of Notre Dame. Naturally, Disney aficionados panicked. And why wouldn’t you? The ’90s were perhaps the most important Disney era of all time.

Luckily, they’ll be back come September, along with the company’s newest flicks. As for those yet-to-be released movies (cough…Finding Dory…cough), we can expect them to hit Netflix seven to nine months after they leave theaters. Not too shabby, considering you won’t have to leave your couch to watch. Thanks for doing us all a solid, Netflix.


Source Cowan: (E News)

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