‘Wake Up’ Fails The Test

fetty wap 6.1

Rapper Fetty Wap’s racy new music video didn’t receive a passing grade from a local school district.

Officials in Paterson, N.J., have launched an investigation to determine how the rapper managed to film scenes for his lewd “Wake Up” video — which is riddled with drug references and sensual dancing — at his old stomping grounds, Eastside High.

A spokeswoman for the district said the taping didn’t occur during school hours or include students, but they disapproved of the crude subjects of the clip.

“The District does not endorse the content of this video,” spokeswoman Terry Corallo said in a statement to

The district is now investigating whether Fetty Wap followed the necessary protocol to use the building.


“As there are procedures that must be followed in securing the use of our facilities, whether all procedures were followed is in question and being investigated — and will be addressed as a personnel matter,” Corallo said.

The video, which has already garnered over 3 million views since last week’s release, shows Fetty Wap and friends puffing marijuana and knocking back drinks as they rummage through the school’s hallways. Another scene features a woman pole dancing in a classroom.

Fetty Wap, whose real name is Willie Maxwell, dropped out of Eastside High when he was a teenager.

Members of the community were similarly outraged by the crass video, with many opining it preached a bad message to their children.

“I’m from Paterson and I’m proud of his success, but as a parent and school board member I think it sends the wrong message,” Kenneth Simmons told “To me, it glorifies dropping out of high school and getting high.”

Fetty Wap performed a free concert for students inside Eastside High last year.

urce Cowan: (New York Daily News)

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