Phobias! Which Celebrities Have Them?

Hidden beneath all of the expensive clothing and behind the locked doors of their various luxurious mansions, celebrities are just like us deep down in their hearts. Though they may live a lavish life of luxury and constantly live life on the look out for paparazzi, they have hopes and dreams and even fears. Some fears are rational and others are not. The difference is how extreme a person will take their fears. Listed below are nine A-List celebrities and their absolutely bizarre phobias!

  1. Nicole Kidman- Butterflies
  2. Johnny Depp- Clowns
  3. Carmen Electra- Water
  4. Orlando Bloom- Pigs
  5. Jennifer Love Hewitt- Elevators
  6. Matthew McConaughey-Revolving Doors
  7. Matt Damon- Reptiles
  8. Keanu Reeves- Darkness
  9. Billy Bob Thornton- Antique Furniture

Source Cowan: (Daily Forest)

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