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Yet another car owned by Johnny Manziel was involved in an accident earlier this summer, but the former Cleveland Browns quarterback was reportedly not present at the time of the incident.

Police told TMZ that Manziel’s Mercedes G-Class SUV, which was parked at the time, was hit by another driver on June 25. A woman driving a red sedan reportedly smashed into Manziel’s car and ended up flipping her own. Police say the woman was not drinking or impaired. No one was in Manziel’s car at the time of the crash.

According to TMZ, Manziel’s buddy Ryan Silverstein — aka OVO Ryan — had borrowed the NFL free agent’s car without permission so he could pick up some people at a strip club. Manziel was supposedly out of town at the time and not pleased about the accident, as his SUV suffered heavy damage.

While much of it sounds like bad luck, that is the third time Manziel has been connected to a car accident in some way this offseason. He was also the victim of a hit-and-run back in June (details here) and was a passenger in another hit-and-run before that. Silverstein was supposedly driving at the time of the first accident.

If you remember, Manziel was in a dispute with a rental car company over a car that was totaled while being rented under his name. The owner of the rental car company actually confronted Manziel, which you can see footage of here.

News Source: Yard Barker

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