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It goes without saying that Russell Westbrook is unhappy Kevin Durant left the Oklahoma City Thunder. Considering the duo helped turn the team into a championship contender, hard feelings are only natural. So how is Westbrook handling the big change?

Adrian Wojnarowski of The Vertical took us behind the scenes of Westbrook’s new three-year deal with the Thunder. According to Woj, Westbrook did not sulk over Durant leaving. He didn’t ask the Thunder front office for an explanation of how they lost K.D., either. In fact, Westbrook began erasing his former teammate from his mind — and possibly life — almost immediately.

For a front office still mired in angst and anger, Westbrook delivered a sobering splash of ice water: What’s next?

No nostalgia, no reflection and no regret: In Westbrook’s world, Durant had been deleted like his old teammate’s text message saying goodbye on the way to Golden State.

One source close to Westbrook told Wojnarowski that the star point guard knew right away he wanted to stay in Oklahoma City and “go to battle” with the guys who are left rather than chasing a championship elsewhere. And aside from a casual “how’s it going” or “what up,” no one really expects Westbrook to speak to Durant.

For everyone waiting on Westbrook to unload on Durant, they could be disappointed. Yes, he has his thoughts and opinions on Durant’s move, but it is unlikely that he’ll be moved to share them in dramatic detail. What’s more, there’s a significant chance it could be years before Westbrook and Durant ever engage in a meaningful conversation again. Westbrook doesn’t do nostalgia, nor disregard slights – real or perceived.

Durant is deleted. Done and gone and no longer part of his world…

From the way it sounds, we wouldn’t be surprised if Westbrook hasn’t spoken to Durant at all since Durant signed with Golden State. That would help explain why Durant said what he did about Westbrook’s new contract.

News Source: Yard Barker

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