QEB continues quest for $1,000,000 Scholarship Fund with Atlanta Music Rodeo 2018


Atlanta, GA- Never one for convention, after graduating from college this year Qn. Everlena Brown (QEB) has opted out of the job market to launch a non-profit organization. A $1,000,000 Scholarship Fund is the first order of business for the Ashford University alum under QEB Foundation. She immediately sets her fund a part by offering support to elementary and middle school students, in addition to highschool and college students. Life is about taking chances, so she created a 50/50 SCHOLARSHIP DRAWING. “Sometimes you get lucky, most of the time you gotta put in work. Therefore, half of the proceeds go to a student nominated by a donor and the other half benefits a student in the Work Grant Program” says Brown.

The Fund also supports the QEB SCHOLARSHIP awarded to a senior at Therrell Highschool and the J HART EDUCATIONAL GRANT. The Grant finances educational experiences like the J Hart Youth Tennis Academy – Annual NYC Trip/Arthur Ashe Competition and school supplies for students Pre-K to College. All donors receive a thank-you bracelet that gives them 50% off admission to the Atlanta Music Rodeo. Beneficiaries will be announced on JUL 28 at the Voo II located at 2997 Campbellton Rd SW.

The Atlanta Music Rodeo is a community event featuring festival food, shopping, horseback riding, live music, and outdoor games FREE to ages 17 and under 12-8PM. The kick-off party on JUL 27 and wrap party on JUL 29 will also be held 7-11PM at the Voo II. Brown feels very strong about higher learning having turned her own life around by continuing her education. “I thought the hole in my heart was fixed when I started working for Akon’s Konfidence Foundation. After a few years of navigating Atlanta’s cut throat and unforgiving entertainment scene, I found myself poor and homeless once again. On the verge of suicide living out of my office, I decided to go back to school. The first required class was Adult Psychology. This is when my life begin to change. I learned that I suffered from depression because I feared success. It was the result of being ridiculed for my intellect and creativity between ages 4-9. The white kids wouldn’t play with me because I was as smart as them in the gifted program. The black kids wouldn’t play with me because I excelled in the arts magnet program. More in common with the Latino and Asian immigrant students I had only 1 friend each grade. I did not feel special, yet I was the most popular girl in every school I attended. Not to mention being sexually molested by a friend of the family. According to Erik Erikson’s Stages of Development this is where one decides to be industrious or inferior. Realizing my vision on an inferior path explained why I hadn’t achieved the level of professional or personal success I desired. Nonetheless, getting an internship at Streetz 94.5FM ultimately confirmed I was still in the game. Joining the Class of 2017 wasn’t enough for me to say I graduated. I was born to make million dollar moves.” says Brown.As the entertainment industry grows in Georgia, she is dedicated to mentoring future young professionals and giving back through productions like the Atlanta Music Rodeo.In keeping with her mission to provide literacy in Education, Finance, and Technology — the Atlanta Music Rodeo provides a platform to raise funds and awareness of the Fund to establish passion projects like the HUBBARD BROWN AVIATION SCHOOL. “Art Hubbard and I wanna inspire more minority students to explore STEM careers. Over 3,000 jobs in science, tech, engineering, and math go unfilled every year. This is our way of helping them take flight.” says Brown.

The $1,000,000 Scholarship Fund is an annual lifetime commitment for Brown as the daughter of a physical ed teacher and art teacher. A gifted and arts magnet student, Brown watched her working class parents struggle with resources to help reach her full potential. This experience made providing financial assistance at the primary level very important. The Atlanta Music Rodeo is currently headlined by first lady of BBC/BU Digital Miss Chee and Money Slimm of Own Lane Money Gang.

50% 50/50 Scholarship Drawing
30% Hubbard Brown Aviation School
20% J Hart Educational Grant
10% QEB Scholarship

DONATIONS: Make tax-deductible contributions payable to QEB Foundation.


Qn. Everlena Brown (QEB)
Office: 404-532-9232
2025 Peachtree Rd NE
Atlanta, GA 30309

Executive Producer
QEB / QEB Foundation
IG: @qebfoundation

About qneverlena (17 Articles)
Get to know America’s new #1 Media Mogul! A Media Personality who professionally models, designs clothes, sing & write songs, and produce television & film… Qn. Everlena Brown de Apparel Ism (QEB) started her media empire publishing a Newswire. Her brand served Ford Motor Company, Cadillac Invitational, Orlando Times, The Miami Herald, BWR, and more! A chance meeting with Akon landed her a job as Programs & Fundraising Chair for his charity, Konfidence Foundation. Having covered Robin Williams, Gloria Estefan, Chris Webber, Nas, Annalynne McCord, Montell Jordan and more…making the HOLLYWOOD OF THE SOUTH her new home was a no brainer.

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