Akon, the real love and hip hop story behind “Ali Un”



Atlanta- Love is dead? When Qn. Everlena (Queen) first released the “Ali Un” single she wanted to heal from emotional abuse by exposing her perpetrators and praising her supporters. Now, She wants to empower others to express love in its many forms leading by example with “I ❤️ @akon #aliun.” The single title is a play on the recording artist Akon’s first given name Aliaune. It’s also an unfinished sentence in Spanish to represent the current state of their relationship. In her words, it was a lost opportunity to love and be loved due to fame and fortune.

“Everybody loves the song, but doubts our love story because he’s a celebrity. It’s infuriating. If he was a regular dude that kissed me, smack me on the behind, gave me massages, and flirted like a teenager… people would say go get your man. Then the lack of sexual contact, somehow means a lack of a real connection…. as if having sex with your employer isn’t a future ground for sexual harassment claims. He was my boss people. I liked my job hello. I wasn’t about to lose my livelihood over a simple crush?” says Queen.

The general public has mixed views regarding the “Ali Un” roll out. People are on social media hashtagging “black love” she explains, some say speak your truth Queen and others call her a stalker, and other mean names for finally having the courage to say “I love you” to a good black man. But it’s the people closest to Queen that surprised her flipping their support. Not to mention a few key members in Akon’s organization, who had the least contact during her employment, that are undermining efforts.

“His first wife called me with the security on line threatening to sue. The way she has behaved since the day we met, is what really makes me think he has feelings. She would know his type. Akon told me not to leave him. I did. And it was the worst decision I ever made in my life. I may never know what could have been. But I can say ‘I love you’ now… so I will.” says Queen.

Ironically, the backlash on social media has increased curiosity for the record. Nightclub heavy DJs like DJ Flu, Shawny Taught U of Streetz 94.5FM, and more have added the track to their playlist.

“It’s so much pain and rejection in the world why not be LOVE? Only 58% of black women are married. 70% of black children are born out of wedlock. The divorce rate is 50%. And the radio is filled with music about f_cking, sucking, or ducking a mate. Where is the love? Just because someone is rich, famous, or smiling doesn’t mean they feel loved.” says Queen. “I’m a Pisces, so I’m built for this kinda pressure.”

She wants the listeners to feel love, especially Akon. To understand the “I ❤️ Akon #aliun” movement you have to go back to their origin story and other coincidences like being exposed by thotmous Celina Powell.

Queen withheld her feelings for Akon out of fear. She has been running away from their purpose since the first encounter. She believes as a child of God, to remain blessed and highly favored she needs to make things right with Akon. She gotta fight for him and the right to love. The way God loves and fights for her everyday. This is Love! Queen heart Akon.

For more juicy Akon details, quench your thirst with THE QUEEN’S TEA at @qneverlena on Instagram available SEP 9-19 from Rosh Hashanah to Yom Kippur (beginning of the jewish new year and period of atonement). Ali Un drops SEP 9 on iTunes, Spotify, Amazon, Pandora and more major online music stores.

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Get to know America’s new #1 Media Mogul! A Media Personality who professionally models, designs clothes, sing & write songs, and produce television & film… Qn. Everlena Brown de Apparel Ism (QEB) started her media empire publishing a Newswire. Her brand served Ford Motor Company, Cadillac Invitational, Orlando Times, The Miami Herald, BWR, and more! A chance meeting with Akon landed her a job as Programs & Fundraising Chair for his charity, Konfidence Foundation. Having covered Robin Williams, Gloria Estefan, Chris Webber, Nas, Annalynne McCord, Montell Jordan and more…making the HOLLYWOOD OF THE SOUTH her new home was a no brainer.

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