Rickey Smiley’s 19-Year-Old Daughter Shot Multiple Times in Houston

Photo Source: Instagram

Houston, TX – Famous comedian Rickey Smiley’s daughter 19-year-old Aaryn Smiley was shot multiple times at a traffic light shortly after grabbing a late evening meal from the local Whataburger in Houston, Texas on July 5, 2020. In a statement by the Houston Chronicle, “Three men and one woman, identified as Aaryn, were wounded by an individual who opened fire at an intersection in an apparent act of road rage. Aaryn, who authorities state was not involved in the altercation between the assailant and three men, was struck as she waited for the light to turn green.”

Photo Source: Instagram

As a father, Rickey Smiley couldn’t phantom waking up to a text message saying his youngest daughter has been shot and is in the hospital. As he tried to keep it together and pack a to-go bag for a flight to his daughter he streamed live on Instagram. Rickey tearfully confessed how sweet and nice his daughter is, and how he couldn’t wrap around his mind why someone would want to harm his daughter; nevertheless shot her.

Photo Source: Instagram

This promising young lady attends Medical school at Baylor University in Texas, and despite the multiple injuries she has endured, she still has a bright future ahead of her. In this situation, the Houston Police Department could not specify where the altercation that led to the shooting began. According to AL and EOnline, “All three individuals in the black Infiniti allegedly driven by Aaryn were injured, as well as an additional innocent pedestrian, due to a previous altercation at an unknown location.” 


Since the day after the shooting, Rickey Smiley was camped out front of the hospital due to “no visitor rules” enforced by the Texas Medical Center since the Covid-19 pandemic. With thousands of prayers on her side, Aaryn was able to leave the hospital on July 9, 2020. with limited mobility due to nerve damage from the shooting. The other individuals injured did not suffer from life-threatening injuries and are recovering well. 

QEB has the Smiley family in our prayers as Aaryn heals. We will continue to #Donate2Educate @QEBFoundation promoting literacy in education, finance, and technology.


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