2 Long Island Protesters Hit While Marching


New York– On July 6, 2020, two peaceful Long Island protestors were struck by a silver Rav4 while marching east at a Black Lives Matter rally on Broadway in Huntington Station. Several officers from the Suffolk County Police Department were on the scene, coincidentally the only officer of color was ordered to take statements from witnesses and those injured.

According to Newsday, “Suffolk Police Department took a driver into custody Monday night after his vehicle struck and injured two protesters at a Black Lives Matter rally. 36-year-old Anthony Cambareri of Gabon Lane in Coram, was charged with third-degree assault and was issued a desk appearance.”


Many witnesses agree, “That approximately at 6:45 p.m. EST, Cambareri struck through the crowd of 30 people purposely. The two Protesters were injured enough for ambulances to take them to the nearby hospital,” as stated in the long island press.

The driver did not have any bodily injuries or damages to his vehicle. Authorities did slap him on the wrist with an appearance ticket and impounded his car. Those injured were released the same day as well. I wonder if a man of color would have been released in under three hours.


ABC 7 News

Long Island Press


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