Kenya Barris Is Milking It for All It’s Worth-Ish; Planning 1 More Ish spinoff

Photo Source: Jon Kopaloff (Getty Images)

Kenya Barris is busy AF.

Los Angeles, CA. In a recent interview with Deadline, Barris talked about the critique he’s received for #BlackAF, the stark difference between being at Netflix versus ABC and the other projects he has coming down the pipeline.

One thing that stuck out from the interview, of course, is whether or not he’s still trying to expand his -Ish television universe. So far, there’s Black-IshGrown-Ish and Mixed-Ish. It’s pretty much a running joke at this point that there are so many versions of -ish in Barris’ world, and it looks like there’s one more show in the works.

“We’re brewing it, yeah,” Barris confirmed. “It’s something I’m really super excited about. Yeah, we’re brewing it, and hopefully it gets done, and adds to that world in a really special way.”

Naturally, that got folks to thinking whose story will be given the -ish treatment. Will it be Marsai Martin’s Diane (my personal top choice)? Perhaps both Diane and Jack (Miles Brown) in a spinoff called Twins-ish? Or maybe Marcus Scribner’s Junior? How about Ruby (Jenifer Lewis)? The possibilities certainly had Black Twitter speculating and hoping. As for future projects, Barris is thinking of expanding his palette and delving into documentaries and dramas with his production company, Khalabo Ink Society. The company already recently announced a Juneteenth musical in development, which will land at Netflix.

“We’re doing some documentaries right now,” Barris said. “We have a few dramas that we’re doing, we have a few comedies. One of the things I really, really want to do is I want to do a comedy special, [inspired by] Richard Pryor, or just a one-off that just really goes and skewers society, and race, and culture, and really sort of try to ruin my career with it. I really want to do something that feels like it’s honest, and hard-hitting, and funny, and makes people think.”

As for #BlackAF, which was recently renewed for a second season, Barris isn’t giving too many details, but he does know one thing: he wants to create some “real shit.”

News source: The root

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