Ed Henry: Another Anchor Gone Wild

Photo Source: Daily Mail

Los Angeles, C.A. – In recent news Ed Henry, an Fox News anchor was hit with a lawsuit by two women according to the Los Angeles Times, deeming yet another news anchor gone wild. The lawsuit alleges that Henry convinced Jennifer Eckhart into a sexual relationship which turned into a violent rape in a Manhattan hotel room in 2017 that left her bruised and bloody. According to the Los Angeles Times, “The complaint consists of images of graphic texts from Henry to the young woman. ‘Good long session last time,’ said one. ‘Left you bruised batter dazed sated begging for more.’ Henry’s lawyer promises to use these messages as proof that the relationship was consensual.”

Fox News protected and rewarded perpetrators of sexual harassment and refuses to take accountability for putting such persons in positions of power from which they can subject women to sexual misconduct.

– Jennifer Eckhart

Photo Source: YourTango

According to the Los Angeles Times, “The complaint also alleges that Henry harassed Cathy Areu; a regular guest on the Fox News network, who later pursued full-time employment with the company. Areu claims that Henry sent her sexually explicit text messages and vulgar photos.” Ed Henry is only one wolf out the pack. In 2018, Areu claimed during a company Christmas party Tucker Carlson told her he was staying overnight in a nearby hotel by himself, which she perceived as a sexual come-on. As well as when she was Sean Hannity’s guest March, 8, 2018, he threw a hundred dollar bill on his desk and yelled, “Who wants to take her on a date?” The network said it investigated Cathy Areu’s claims and found them to be false.

Ed Henry is not the only anchor gone wild. These men have lost their minds along with Fox News sweeping the allegations under a rug. There should be better policies put into place when it comes to sexual harassment. It should be taken seriously regardless if it is a man or woman being harassed. We are all one race, humankind.


Daily Mail

Los Angeles Times


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