Kanye West Misses Big Brother Jay-Z

Photo Source: Daily Mail

Calabasas, C.A. – Kanye West showed how much he missed his big brother Jay-Z in a tweet on the 9th anniversary of their song “Watch the Throne,” this past Monday, August 10, 2020, on Twitter. According to TMZ, “Kanye tweeted a screenshot of Jay-Z and himself performing on the 2011 MTV VMAs stage with the caption, “I miss my bro… real talk.”

Photo Source: Independent Eagle

It isn’t new that the duo has not been close in years. As stated by Vibe, “Since Kanye’s rant on stage against his fellow compadre Jay-Z during his St. Pablo Tour in 2016. Shortly after his rant, Kanye ended up cutting his tour short and was hospitalized for a reported mental breakdown.” The duo has been estranged from each other since the rant.

Photo Source: Dreddsworld

According to the Independent Eagle, “Jay-Z helped launch the start of Kanye West’s career but the pair haven’t spoken in nine years. Kanye overstepped his boundaries once again by announcing he would like Jay-Z to be his running mate in the upcoming presidential election, a few weeks ago.” It’s too soon to say that Jay-Z will turn around in time to save Kanye from himself, or that they will ever become friends again at this moment. Jay-Z may decide to stay clear from the drama and continue to take care of his family alongside his wife Beyonce.


Independent Eagle



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