Tamar Braxton: Battle of The Ex’s

Photo Source: The Blast

Los Angeles, C.A. – Since the hospitalization of Tamar Braxton, her ex’s Vincent Herbert and David Adefeso, have been battling it out amongst themselves in regards to what’s the best care plan for Tamar. In a previous statement reported by TheShadeRoom, “Tamar alleges that David attempted to kill her after a heated altercation leading him to say that they were going to end up in a murder-suicide.” Those are words that should alarm Tamar and push her to cut off all ties.

Photo Source: TMZ

After David Adefeso has made several public posts expressing his love for Tamar Braxton, and what kind of person she is, he has flipped the script by claiming his Queen is abusing him. In an attempt to assassinate Tamar’s character further, YourBlackWorld reported, “David Adefeso has filed a restraining order against the 43-year-old singer for domestic violence at Stanley Mosk Courthouse in Los Angeles. He also claimed that Tamar is suffering from depression.” Talk about twisting the knife that’s in your back!

Photo Source: AP News

Tamar’s ex-husband is not taking this situation lightly considering his son has spent time with David Adefeso, and is standing up for his woman. According to TheShadeRoom, in a series of text messages between the two, Vincent stated, “We are not friends. And we will never be after hearing how you treated Tamar on Sunday. My conversation with you yesterday was respectful and honest and you never mentioned what you said to her, how you threatened her, then called the police on her as if it wasn’t you on the tape that I heard threatening to kill Logan’s mother.”

Ongoing Youtube coverage shows Vincent Herbert will not tolerate any disrespect or threats thrown towards his ex-wife and mother of his son. According to TheShadeRoom, “Several sources have speculated that Tamar Braxton and Vincent are allegedly back together after reports of an altercation between both ex’s; which resulted in a no-win battle for David Adefeso after Vincent Herbert allegedly dished out an elbow to the face and a leg slam to David’s body.” Can you say he got a two-piece and a biscuit?

Photo Source: DailyMail

Despite the ups and downs Tamar Braxton may have, its comforting to know that after the battle of the ex’s, Vincent Herbert and her family is by her side, as well as her clout chasing ex, David Adefeso being far from her and not knowing her location. We wish Tamar the best and hope she has a speedy recovery, she is a true diamond in the ruff.





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